The Challenge

Telco’s have historically been cash cows; operating as local monopolies that provided essential connectivity services and reliably churned out cash. Today, this is no longer true. The industry is facing radically disrupted services that use a telco’s infrastructure but are perceived by customers to offer a higher value. Changes in technology have created over-the-top (OTT) services like email (Gmail), music and video streaming (Spotify/ Netflix), video communications (Skype), social platforms (Twitter/ Facebook), and resource-sharing (Uber) which are all building highly personalized profiles and intimate relationships with their customers. By contrast, many Telco’s only know their customers’ billing address, payment history, and average bandwidth consumption.   

Telco business customers are being forced to make a decision regarding the Cloud. As cloud services become the “norm” and customer demand for unique digital experiences grow, business owners realize that if they are unable to quickly adapt to changing technology they face the risk of becoming inefficient. Additionally, OTT services and expanding business cloud demands are constantly increasing requests for high-speed data. This requires larger investments by telcos in infrastructure and upgrades, but without an assurance of greater profitability. Better connections, faster speeds and more convenience are now expected. Meanwhile, savvy customers opt for ‘pay-as-you-use’ billing, demand more customized usage plans, and are more likely to switch service providers. And with phone number portability between telcos assured by government regulators, each upgrade to a new mobile device puts a customer’s loyalty to the Telco at risk.

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