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The most important change is to shift customers’ perceptions of the telco from “my phone company” or “my internet provider” to “my trusted digital life partner.” A telco earns this trust by controlling a customer’s digital life experience – from Wi-Fi to Cloud, and offering services that range from communication, coordination, information, entertainment, access, storage, and security. Creating and delivering such intimate and integrated customer experience requires telcos to operate with an extraordinary level of cross-functional collaboration. Traditional silos of product and service development, marketing and sales, physical distribution, and customer service and repairs, simply cannot keep pace with the speed of new competitive offers or rising customer expectations. 

Our goal is to work with the telcos to increase customer loyalty and deepen their trust.  We begin by helping telcos take a more holistic view of the customer – and assuming a greater role in their customer’s digital life.  This requires a new understanding of service as part of the customer’s entire digital experience, and not just as a function of the customer service departments. Varied language between departments and diverse measures for success by business lines (consumer, corporate, networks, media, etc.) should be replaced by a more universal service language and more comprehensive measures of the telco’s success. A strong commitment to building service partnerships is needed, including excellent internal service to colleagues, creative external service with application developers and industry partners, and continuous service improvement for customers. The old business approach of locking in customers through punitive agreements and obscure contract language will not work in the long run. Not only are competitive offers readily available, but unhappy or angry customers will express their dissatisfaction through social media. Similarly, training telco employees to handle all service requests with standard scripts and procedures is a recipe for customer and employee frustration. Only this long-term result can reduce customer churn while keeping good customers who upgrade their devices, retain and improve their plans, and consume additional services while happily referring their family and recommending their friends.

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