mspFlexx at a Glance
  • Packaged Managed Services Programs for targeted verticals. 
  • Subscribe to complete packages, get started quickly. 
  • Include hardware, software, services and financing.
  • Quickest, most flexible way to deliver new services. 

Take a look at our Cloud Services
Visit the service catalog at our trial instance to learn more about the variety of cloud services offered through our mspFlexx program.

mspFlexx - Turnkey Solutions for MSPs

Providing new and up-to-date Cloud Services is an ongoing challenge for MSP’s. MSP’s must be able to expand existing services and replace previous offerings with more modern and cost effective solutions. 
mspStack is committed to adding new offerings and provide you with more options, so that you can expand your services offering easily and adopt to your customer needs.

To make this very easy for our partners, we created the mspFlexx program. mspFlexx gives you a tailored Cloud Services program that grants you access to our entire solution stack through a recurring billing plan, no upfront investment. This ensure that your cost is always in line with your business growth. 

Cloud Services

As an mspFlexx subscriber, you can add and enable new services by activating them using the mspEngine portal. No need to sign new complex, multi-vendor agreements to add a new solution. With an mspFlexx Master Service Agreement (MSA) you are covered. 
Are you cloud ready?

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